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Monday, 11 July 2011


Written on 6 July 2011

It has been great to spend a day doing very little. Mundane things like washing and shopping of course needed to be done. But I took a morning stroll on the beach. Almost had it to myself except for a couple of joggers, a dog walker and a meditator. She looked so peaceful meditating there.on the sand with the morning sun on her upturned face. I had already meditated at "home" as I do every morning but it did look like a good thing to be doing.

Suffolk Beach south of Byron Bay

Pathway from caravan to beach

I am just constantly awestruck by the lushness of the sub-tropical plant life here. I've always loved it but have been away from it too long and had forgotten. Lush is the only word for it. There's rainforest here and mangroves and tropical flowers though not so many at this time of year. It is life-enhancing just looking at them all.Yes, I know that sounds over the top and New Age but there is no other easy way of describing it - for me.

One of my purposes for this trip was to write and research my next book and today I was able to make a good bit of progress on that.

Tomorrow Sharon joins me for a too brief get together. Looking forward to it. Living in Melton, I do sometimes feel quite isolated from my friends so this will be a good time to relax together and catch up.

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