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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Och Aye. Standing Stones and Faeries and too late for Solstice
Made it to Glen Innes today. Not far from last night’s stay in Tamworth. Although I love Country Music (well a lot of it!), I never linger in Tamworth. Always seem to be on the way to somewhere else.
Drove through the town of Uralla, famous for its bushranger Captain Thunderbolt. I have admired his bronze statue on the corner of the main street before, so I stopped to take a photo of him mounted on his spirited steed, looking very romantic indeed. I’m a sucker for horses.

On the corner diagonally opposite was a canon from World War 1 (I think – could have been World War 2. Canon have been around a while.) Looking from the canon to the bushranger and back again got me thinking of the things we Australians choose to memorialise (is that a verb?). No statues of Caroline Chisholm or Hannah Watts or Fleming or Flory. There’s even a bloody dog on a Tuckerbox in Gundagai and it’s famous for shitting in the tuckerbox. And now I’ll climb down from my soap box.
I put some Scottish music on full bore as I drove into Glen Innes. Came here for the Celtic Festival in 2008 and loved it. Went to the standing stones monument – not as old as Stonehenge but still lovely. A tribute to the old religion.

Booked into a great caravan park with some serious stones of its own. Boulders everywhere. Not your usual row on row of caravan sites at all. Just trees and boulders and the occasional tap and power supply. Find a site and settle in. Great couple running it – Helen and Robin. Spent quite a bit of time chatting with them. Lots in common.
Decided to stay here a couple of days before heading down to the coast. I’m on top of the range here so it’s downhill all the way. It’s gonna get cold at night but my trusty little heater will see me through.
Would love to celebrate the Winter Solstice here one winter. Missed it by 2 weeks this time.

Yes That's the Tardis in the caravan park among the rocks!

I haven't found any faeries yet but there are lots of rabbits, kangaroos and birds.

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